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Every industry or plant needing a good optimization of electricity for the development and progress. Electricity is a very big department in an industry. It is an actual big matter to control and optimizing the electrical flow, we regularly use different types of panels like APFC panel, LT panelBus Duct, VCB Panel, Generator Panel and Relay Panels etc. We are one of the leading energy efficient product suppliers and electrical panel manufacturers in India. These energy efficient products are recognized for their high quality standard and efficient performance.

Energy efficient products availed from us at most economical price. We will provide you the info concerning the electrical control panels. APFC panel mainly used for the improvement of power factor and bus duct is conducting a substantial current of electricity, it used in commercial and industrial settings, both indoors and outdoors. VCB Panels are come with inbuilt spring charging handle and it can store energy operating mechanism with inbuilt mechanical anti-pumping device. Highvolt Power and Control Systems Pvt. Ltd providing an environmental friendly and strong electrical panels manufacturers by experts and qualified team members.

One of the most challenging face by the commercial property holder and home proprietors alike is when to upgrade the electrical wiring and panel box. It is not an easy to work with panels and it should be controlled by an experienced electrician. One of the most important thing to do first identify when you should upgrade your electrical panel box. Check out your panel box it can be identified by a painted or it should be gray metal box. They are normally attached on the wall of your home or industry either inside or outside.  Panel have mainly two controls, one is main switch and one is utility switch. As a main switch for direct turn off power in home and the utility switch supply power into subdivision circuit to safety allocate power throughout the house. Each switch controls the electricity flow over a particular area and helps to cut off power when it is overloaded.

Old electrical panels result in a countless of problems, How do you know to upgrade electrical panel? Some warning signs are –
  • Breakers that frequently outing or fuses that recurrently blow.
  • Defective circuit breaker that fail to trip, in result overheating and fire.
  • In short old panels effect in risk to your family or industry.
  • Usages running at less than full power.
  • Crackling sounds from your panel box.
  • If your home and industry section lights are flickering it should be panel problem so upgrade electrical panel.
Why you need to upgrade your electrical panel?

The main reason why you need to upgrade your electrical panel is due to functional reason. Due to more usage of power you need to upgrade your electrical panel.

There are so many benefits to upgrading electrical panel. To get more reliable power for your industry you have to upgrade it as soon as possible. If your panel is not working properly and create some issue then definitely it must to change. The probabilities of fire accident may increase whenever your panel is becoming outdated. From the above benefits you will be sure to check and upgrade your electrical panel. If you need to purchase a new panel then always go for trusted electrical panel manufacturers that deliver quality accepted products to you.

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